Serengeti Mara River Camp

Kogatende - Nothern Serengeti

Serengeti Mara River Camp

Serengeti Mara River Camp

@ Kogatende - Nothern Serengeti

The River Camp is loved for its excellent location surrounded by Acacia trees and grasslands accommodating the residents around the area. It purposefully resides a few meters from the Mara River, where the picturesque River Crossing of the great migration occurs from June to October. Here, the fight for survival is eminent when you are caught off-guard with just how dramatic the crossing is, with hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle toss themselves into the river overcrowded by the Nile crocodile ready to attack and feast on them.

Lions and hyenas are also found in great numbers as they also seek to feast upon the weak links of this ferocious race. Our 15 luxury tents a...


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