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We specialize in Africa's Bespoke Safaris and Tours making sure you get the best Experience, timings and at best prices always.


  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Safari tour specialists
  • Years of experience
  • Private vehicles
  • Safe traveling
  • Financial insurance

    P.O.Box 12949,
    Kaloleni Street,
    Arusha, Tanzania.
    Phone: +255 712 752 175 (whatsapp)
    Skype: Joinup Safaris

    JoinUp Safaris
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    Our history and our team:

    Joinup Safaris Started with Family Brothers in-depth understanding, experience and knowledge of operating specialized safaris, as well as their involvement with African Safaris for Five Years. They earned trust and support of many. Joinup Safaris is a private, owner-run African-based safari company that speaks to the art of service and offers you an authentic Tailor Made Safari Experience in the untamed African wilderness. Focused on your experience as our guest Our head quarter is located in the heart of East Africa (Arusha, Tanzania)

    Our Safari Specialists are experts on Africa Adventures and they also happen to be excellent conversationalists. So if you’re curious about going on safari, giving the gift of safari, or you’d like to get started on planning your Africa adventure right away, we’re always here to help...

    And if you’ve already travelled with us, we’d love to hear what you thought of your trip… it helps us understand what we’re doing right, and how we might make our guests’ experience with us even better.


    Our multi-lingual Joinup Safaris guide team is looking forward to welcoming you in East Africa during All seasons. The guides at Joinup safaris are an integral part of this family-run company's

    Like ourselves, they have a passion for the Arctic and possess vast knowledge about East Africa history, nature and culture. Professionally trained, they are story-tellers, destination enthusiasts and knowledgeable travel companions. Starting upon arrival in the airport your guests will be well looked after by our team. They will arrange a welcome meeting. At the welcome meeting, guests can buy excursions and ask any questions they may have. At each destination we have a Destination Coordinator who is in charge of the logistics at the destination and of course in direct contact with the office in Arusha.

    Our guide team speaks several languages, and at each destination we do our very best to cover: English, German and Spanish. On request we can provide even more languages e.g. French, Italian…..

    Our Guides

    Frank is an Experienced English and French speaking guide, professionally trained, and with lots of passion on Wildlife and loves to spoil his clients with Fun, excitement and thrilling safari experiences.
    Bashiru is an Experienced English and Spanish speaking guide with over 15 years of experience and always finds a way to surprise his clients with astonishing views of wildlife.
    Chicho is an Experienced English speaking guide, professionally trained with over 10 years of experience in Tourism and Hospitality.
    Zabdi is an Experienced English and German speaking guide, professionally trained, Funny and always active with a sharp eye that can spot Wildlife in Action.
    Peter has over 9 years of experience in Tanzania safaris, fluent in English and very friendly. His knowledge of the Wildlife is just mind blowing...
    Over 7 years of Experience as a guide with and eye spotting wildlife like radar yet very funny, professional and loves making each trip unique.
    Over 8 years of Experience as a safari guide fluent in English and always fun to be around.
    Experienced Guide with a Passion in Wildlife. Always full of Tips and Tricks on how to make the most of your safari...

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