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Spending time with the Big 5 and the Great Wildebeest Migration in Maasai Mara and the Serengeti National Park and touch every Iconic destination in Tanzania and Kenya including the 8th World Wonder; the Ngorongoro Crater with a thrilling view of Mt Kilimanjaro
Itinerary In Brief
Transfer from Nairobi Airport
Hemingways Nairobi
HB - Breakfast and Dinner
Nairobi - Samburu
Half Day Samburu Game Drive
Sasaab Lodge
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
Full Day Samburu
Full Day Samburu Game Drive
Sasaab Lodge
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
Lake Naivasha - Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru Game Drive
Mbweha Camp
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
Lake Naivasha
Lake Naivasha Activities
Chui Lodge
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
Lake Nakuru - Maasai Mara
Drive to Maasai Mara Game Drive For Game Drive
andbeyond Bateleur Camp
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
DAY 7 - 8
Maasai Mara Full Day Game Drive
Full Day Maasai Mara Game Drive
andbeyond Bateleur Camp
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
Maasai Mara - Serengeti North
Serengeti North Game Drive
Singita Mara River Tented Camp
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
DAY 10
Serengeti North Game Drive
Full Day Serengeti North Game Drive
Singita Mara River Tented Camp
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
DAY 11
Serengeti North - Serengeti Central
Serengeti Central Game Drive
Four Seasons Serengeti Lodge
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
DAY 12
Full Day Serengeti Central
Full Day Serengeti Central Game Drive
Four Seasons Serengeti Lodge
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
DAY 13
Serengeti Central - Ngorongoro
Morning Serengeti Game Drive then Ngorongoro
andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
DAY 14
Ngorongoro Crater
Ngorongoro Crater Game Drive
Enter Ngorongoro Conservation Area
The Manor at Ngorongoro Crater
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
DAY 15
Lake Manyara
Lake Manyara Game Drive
andBeyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
DAY 16
Tarangire National Park - Arusha
Tarangire Game Drive
Legendary Lodge Arusha
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
DAY 17
Arusha - Amboseli National Park
Transfer to Namanga
Amboseli National Park game drive
Tortilis Camp Amboseli
FB - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
DAY 18

Day By Day Details

Day 1: Transfer
You will be picked up from the Airport by your guide and transferred to your Nairobi Accommodation for overnight and prepare for your adventurous safari.
  • Transfer from Nairobi Airport

Day 2: Nairobi - Samburu
After breakfast, proceed to Samburu for a thrilling game drive with astonishing views on the way.

On Your Half Day Samburu Game Drive
Heading out on a game drive in the semi-arid park that showcases the unique wildlife that Samburu is home to. In addition to more 'conventional' safari animal sightings, you'll also have the chance to spot the Beisa Oryx, Reticulated Giraffe, Somali Ostrich, long-necked Gerenuk and Grevy's Zebra - t...
  • Half Day Samburu Game Drive

Day 3: Full Day Samburu
Explore Samburu with a full day game drive.

On Your Full Day Samburu Game Drive
You'll have a full day to explore the park in search of its rarer inhabitants as well as the likes of leopards, lions, hyenas, cheetahs, antelopes, and more. While Samburu is smaller than other Kenyan parks and reserves, its diverse wildlife tend to cluster closer together near the life-giving Ewaso...
  • Full Day Samburu Game Drive

Day 4: Lake Naivasha - Lake Nakuru
After breakfast, proceed to lake Nakuru for a thrilling game drive with a great chance of spotting Pink Flamingos.

On Your Lake Nakuru Game Drive
Proceed to lake Nakuru famous for its stunning flocks of the lesser flamingoes which literally turns the lake pink. Lunch enroute arriving for afternoon game drive where animals expected to be seen Includes Thompson's and Grant's Gazelle, the rare long eared leaf-nosed bat, Columbus monkey, Rock Hy...
  • Lake Nakuru Game Drive

Day 5: Lake Naivasha
After breakfast, proceed to Lake Naivasha for a chance to take a guided boat tour and visiting Crescent Island.

On Your Lake Naivasha Activities
You’ll arrive in time for lunch at your lodge with a spectacular view of the Lake. You will have an opportunity to see the vast wildlife at the shores of the lake with a guided boat tour.

Visiting the Crescent Island with an opportunity to walk among the herbivorous calling Lake Naivasha home s...
  • Lake Naivasha Activities

Day 6: Lake Nakuru - Maasai Mara
After breakfast, proceed to the Famous Maasai Mara to explore the wildebeest migration in action.

On Your Drive to Maasai Mara Game Drive For Game Drive
Proceed to the world famous Masai Mara game Reserve considered a "must see" for any visitor traveling on safari in Kenya reason being its graced by a wide variety of unique and exquisite wild life and birds. Its home to the richest concentration of wildlife, including the "Big Five"(e...
  • Drive to Maasai Mara Game Drive For Game Drive

Day 7 - 8: Maasai Mara Full Day Game Drive
Explore the Maasai Mara with a full day game drive.

On Your Full Day Maasai Mara Game Drive

Waking up with a lifetime sunrise game drive with a great chance of spotting preditors on a hunt. Returning back for late breakfast and heading to the heart of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve exploring the vast grassland plains are scattered with herds of Zebra, Giraffe, Gazelle, and Topi while in s...

  • Full Day Maasai Mara Game Drive

Day 9: Maasai Mara - Serengeti North
Transfer from Maasai mara to Serengeti through Isebania Border, Where you will be picked up by our Tanzania guide/Driver and proceed to Serengeti North for Overnight.

On Your Serengeti North Game Drive

The North area is a broad valley of sparse woodland and open savannah, ensuring a large resident population of lions, leopards, and elephants throughout the year. Kopje (small hills) are also a prominent feature of the area, which is bordered to the east by forested hills where the majority of te...

  • Serengeti North Game Drive

Day 10: Serengeti North Game Drive
Explore the Serengeti North with a full day game drive with a great chance of exploring the wildebeest migration.

On Your Full Day Serengeti North Game Drive

The North Hills are covered in large acacia trees which support large amounts of elephants, giraffes, antelopes, buffaloes, and the carnivores that prey on them. It's a fascinating opportunity to see a large number of Africa's most iconic animals in a relatively small amount of time.


  • Full Day Serengeti North Game Drive

Day 11: Serengeti North - Serengeti Central
After breakfast you will proceed with a Serengeti North Game drive and after the astonishing game drive continue to Serengeti Central for Overnight

On Your Serengeti Central Game Drive
The vast and beautiful Serengeti is one of Africa's most awe-inspiring safari areas. The sheer volume of animals here is extraordinary: estimates suggest around one million wildebeest, hundreds of thousands of zebra and Thomson's gazelle, and tens of thousands of impala, Grant's gazelle, topi, harte...
  • Serengeti Central Game Drive

Day 12: Full Day Serengeti Central
Explore the wildcats of the Serengeti National Park with a full day game drive.

On Your Full Day Serengeti Central Game Drive

Be one of only a few fortunate people to glide in a Hot Air Balloon over the Serengeti Plains (available at supplementary cost by pre-arrangement). Floating silently above the awakening bush, while spotting wildlife and enjoying the amazing scenery of Africa, across rivers and over numerous small...

  • Full Day Serengeti Central Game Drive

Day 13: Serengeti Central - Ngorongoro
Explore the Serengeti Central with a Morning Game Drive. Return to your accommodation for late breakfast and proceed to Ngorongoro Conservation Area with a Game Drive along the way.

On Your Morning Serengeti Game Drive then Ngorongoro
Start your day with an unforgettable sunrise game drive across the Serengeti. See the sun set fire to the savannah as predators such as leopards and lions hunt for their morning meal.

Alternatively, you may wish to take to the skies with a sunrise hot air balloon safari and champagne breakfast. A...
  • Morning Serengeti Game Drive then Ngorongoro

Day 14: Ngorongoro Crater
You will proceed to the Ngorongoro Crater after breakfast. After a thrilling game drive with picnic lunch at the famous hippo pool.

On Your Ngorongoro Crater Game Drive
Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978, the Ngorongoro Crater has easily earned its fabled reputation as one Africa's greatest natural wonders. The habitats on the crater floor are diverse, the wildlife varied and the concentration of animals is especially dense.

Short-grass plains thrive ...
  • Ngorongoro Crater Game Drive
  • Enter Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Day 15: Lake Manyara
After breakfast proceed to lake Manyara for a thrilling game drive.

On Your Lake Manyara Game Drive
From the entrance gate, the road winds through an expanse of lush jungle-like groundwater forest where hundred-strong baboon troops lounge nonchalantly along the roadside, blue monkeys scamper nimbly between the ancient mahogany trees, dainty bushbuck tread warily through the shadows, and outsized f...
  • Lake Manyara Game Drive

Day 16: Tarangire National Park - Arusha
After breakfast, proceed to Tarangire National Park for a thrilling final game drive before proceeding to Arusha.

On Your Tarangire Game Drive
Tarangire National Park covers an undulating area of 2,600km2, between the plains of the Maasai Steppe to the south-east, and the lakes of the Great Rift Valley to the north and west. The northern part of Tarangire is dominated by the perennial Tarangire River, which flows north and west until it le...
  • Tarangire Game Drive

Day 17: Arusha - Amboseli National Park
After breakfast proceed to Namanga boarder where you will cross to Kenya and proceed to Amboseli National Park with a Thrilling view of Mt Kilimanjaro.

On Your Amboseli National Park game drive

Exploring the second most popular game viewing destination in Kenya most famous for its elephant population, where herds of up to 100 can be found drinking at one of the swampy springs that filter up through the rock from an endless underground water supply directly from Kilimanjaro’s ice cap w...

  • Transfer to Namanga
  • Amboseli National Park game drive

Day 18: Transfer
Transfer to Nairobi for your Flight.

Itinerary Accommodations

Hemingways Nairobi Day 1

A warm welcome to Hemingways Nairobi. A luxury five Star boutique hotel in Nairobi. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional guest experiences and service, ensuring the utmost comfort and luxury.
This 45-suite boutique hotel elevates the standard of luxury for travellers in the region. Beautiful in its symmetry and flooded with natural light, this plantation-style property is airy and spacious. Each of our 80m² suites have a private balcony overlooking the iconic silhouette of the Ngong Hills, a magical view which can also be enjoyed over sundowners at the Bar.

Our service is personal and sincere, offering a luxury experience from the moment you touchdown in Kenya.

Your dedicated butler will know that you prefer Earl Grey to Assam with your scones, and will remember which trousers you like pressed flat and which ones need a central crease.

So while you are indulging in the spa, relaxing beside the pool or meandering through the gardens, back in your suite, your butler will have dimmed the lights, adjusted your personalized pillows, set out your nightcap and arranged the morning’s outing down to the finest detail.

Sasaab Lodge Day 2 - 3

Sasaab is close to the Buffalo Springs and Samburu National Reserves, in Kenya’s Northern Frontier District. It’s a place of rich natural diversity with an astounding number of animals from huge majestic elephant to lion, leopard and cheetah and the ‘Samburu Special Five’: the Beisa oryx, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Gerenuk antelope and Somali ostrich. Sasaab prides itself on its hospitality and our friendly and attentive staff strive to make every guests’ experience unforgettable. The architecture of Sasaab follows strong Moroccan design principles, in which African heat is of primary consideration. Each of the nine Moroccan-styled rooms is over 100m² with an enormous open-air bathroom and private plunge pool. From the veranda, guests can take in the remarkable views across the Laikipia Plateau toward the jagged peak of Mount Kenya. Its position on the river naturally facilitates watching the herds of elephant that come to bathe.

Mbweha Camp Day 4

Tucked away in the spectacular Great Rift Valley on the private 6400 acre Congreve Conservancy, Mbweha Camp is nestled up against the southern border of the rift valley.

Chui Lodge Day 5

Chui Lodge, situated in the heart of the Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary, comprises of 8 luxurious cottages set in a beautifully manicured garden. Enjoy international standard cusine under the shade of our acacia trees whilst you watch the wildlife drinking from the nearby waterhole.

The Lodge was designed and created by June Zwager; her vision was brought to life with help from the local community and her team of skilled craftsmen. The Lodge is built from simple bush stone, Acacia, Olive and Leleshwa wood all sustainably sourced from within the sanctuary. All furniture has been hand crafted at our onsite wood workshop and every piece is unique and adds to the African flare of Chui Lodge.

The dining room, lounge and bar area feature pillars and murals with intricate African carvings, African antiques and ochre coloured walls creating the feel of an artist's gallery. A short walk from the main building and cottages is a large swimming pool with views across the waterhole and the wildlife sanctuary beyond. Having a refreshing dip in the pool while watching herds of giraffe walk down to drink is a unique memory you will keep forever. With so much space and privacy, time here moves slowly and one can lose oneself in the African bush without disturbance.

andbeyond Bateleur Camp Day 6 - 8

Here, amidst the reserve’s astounding year-round concentration of animals, including the seasonal Great Wildebeest Migration, guests can have an unsurpassed wildlife experience. Guests can almost exclusively explore this area on a game drive or on foot, enjoying access to pristine outdoor dining locations.

Comprised of just two intimate camps of nine tented suites each and a family tent; each elegant tent, with its own private butler and housekeeper reflects the ambiance and glamour of Kenyan explorers of old. Slip into a world of hardwood floors, polished silver and copper bathtubs juxtaposed against the romance of the open Mara plains, with their abundant herds of wildlife. Beautifully handcrafted artefacts, fine antiques, leather buttoned Chesterfield sofas, books, and crystal and candlelight adorn the comfortable sitting and dining areas.

Refreshing lap pools in each camp provide cool comfort in between captivating game drives. Delectable cuisine is served in a memorable setting beneath the stars and bush breakfasts and romantic sundowners offer an unforgettable African experience. Adventures at Bateleur Camp include twice-daily game drives, including spot-lit night drives. The camp also offers a range of additional activities such as bush walks, hot air balloon safaris, community excursions, a well- equipped gym and wellness treatments in our massage sala.

Singita Mara River Tented Camp Day 9 - 10

Singita Mara River Tented Camp is the epitome of sustainable tourism and consciously seeks to eliminate the unnecessary use of energy and non-biodegradable materials.

where spun natural fabrics, canvas, stone and raw leather blend with Maasai primary colours and elegant art pieces by young African designers and craftsmen. The functional East African design encourages guests to embrace the outdoors and connect with nature.

Four Seasons Serengeti Lodge Day 11 - 12

Experience thrilling Serengeti game drives and rare opportunities to connect with the local people and culture. Then return to the Safari Lodge, where our 77 secluded guest rooms, elegant spa and infinity pool promise a luxurious respite during your African adventures

andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge Day 13

Guests can be forgiven for losing track of which era, or even continent, they are experiencing at &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge. Nowhere else on earth can you wake up among all the trappings of an elegant baroque chateau – brocade sofas, gilt mirrors, beaded chandeliers and panelled walls – and be instantly transported into one of the most famous African landscapes with just one glance out the window of the lodge. In this place of dramatic contrasts, where Versailles meets Maasai, anything is possible and the natural luxury of the breathtakingly beautiful setting ensures the dramatic interior of your suite blends perfectly with its stilted thatch architecture.

The Manor at Ngorongoro Crater Day 14

Reminiscent of a country farm and boasting quaint Cape Dutch-style architecture, The Manor at Ngorongoro Crater lies within the Shangri-La estate, surrounded by lush gardens. Harking back in time to a grander age, the ten luxurious cottages blend East African hospitality with colonial European architecture and décor. Intimate and private, the cottages boast ensuite bathrooms, indoor and outdoor fireplaces and private decks that maximise the magnificent views.

Meals are sumptuous affairs to be savoured in the formal dining room, the dining conservatory or privately in the guest cottages. African-inspired fare is complemented by a selection of fine wine from the manor’s own cellar. Guests can relax and unwind in the sauna and steam room, try their hand in the snooker room or read one of the many books from the library whilst lounging in front of a cosy fireplace. Adventures include excursions to Lake Manyara and Olduvai Gorge, visits to a Masai Market, guided estate walks and bicycle trails along the Ngorongoro Crater.

andBeyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge Day 15

Most people think that the famous tree-climbing lions at Lake Manyara have developed their climbing habit to get away from annoying insects. At &Beyond, we have our own theory – they’re jealous of our magnificent treehouse suites at &Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge! Cradled in the boughs of an ancient mahogany forest, the lodge blends into the natural beauty of its breathtaking surroundings.

Legendary Lodge Arusha Day 16

The spirit of Legendary Lodge
Set in lush tropical gardens on a working coffee farm just outside Arusha, the Legendary Lodge features twelve beautiful garden cottages, two of which are 2 bedroom family cottages, each with its own private veranda. Designed with a unique blend of African arts and crafts, combined with old, colonial-style luxury, the cottages offer king sized beds, a separate lounge with fireplace and ensuite bathrooms with deep tubs and refreshing showers. The two-bedroom Kahawa cottage is ideal for families, while two cosy ensuite rooms are available in The Old Farmhouse for those who prefer to be closer to the dining room and guest lounge.

Mouth watering gourmet meals are served in the gracious Old Farmhouse, while the Legendary Therapies Spa offers rejuvenating treatments in the elegant therapy room or in the privacy of the guest cottages. A selection of fascinating coffee farm tours, shopping expeditions and interesting day tours are available at the lodge.

Tortilis Camp Amboseli Day 17

Tortilis Camp has a prime location for witnessing the majesty of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro.

Tortilis Camp is named after the flat-topped, umbrella thorn tree, the Acacia Tortilis, and embraces a hill in one of Amboseli’s areas of Acacia Tortilis woodland. Located in a private conservancy bordering the national park, game drives, walks, sundowners and bush meals take place both inside the national park and in the conservancy, where guests enjoy exclusivity.

The tents are all spacious, with king or twin beds and elegant en suite bathrooms. There is a main lounge, bar and dining area, all exquisitely built with natural materials and thatched roofs, with magnificent views of Kilimanjaro. The Private House and Family Tent are located slightly separate to the main camp, upon the hill where they share a pool and enjoy magnificent views of Kilimanjaro.

With Mt. Kilimanjaro peering down over the entire camp, each of Tortilis Camp’s 16 tents has a glorious view of the mountain.
Each makuti-covered tent consists of a main bedroom with twin or double beds, en-suite bathroom and a spacious verandah. Let us know if you require twin beds or double bed.
[All tents can fit one extra bed, for children under the age of 16 yrs only]

Family Tent
With outstanding views of Mt Kilimanjaro, enjoyed from the comfort of your own private family verandah, Tortilis Camp’s new Family Tent is another great addition to this child-friendly safari camp in Amboseli.
The Family Tent consists of one double en suite bedroom, one twin en suite bedroom, and a spacious private verandah. Featuring a brand new swimming pool shared with the Private House.
[Both bedrooms can fit one extra bed for children under the age of 16 years only]

Private House
With Mt. Kilimanjaro peering down over the entire camp, Tortilis Camp’s Private House has a glorious view of the mountain.
The Private House consists of one en-suite double bedroom, one en-suite twin bedroom, and a spacious sitting / dining room with verandah. Featuring a brand new swimming pool shared with the Family Tent.
[Both bedrooms can fit one extra bed, for children under the age of 16 yrs]

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4x4 Safari Specialised Pop Up Roof Vehicle
Professional English Speaking Guide
All Meals on Safari
Flying Doctors
Water, Coffee and Tea on Safari
All Accommodation
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Entry Visa
Travel insurance
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Any Sight Seeing that is not specified on the itinerary
Fly to/from Jomo Kenyatta Airport (NBO - Check Price) in Nairobi
Fly to/from Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO - Check Price) near Arusha. Or fly to/from Arusha Airport (ARK - Check Price) via Dar es Salaam or Nairobi (Kenya). If planning to explore Zanzibar, Zanzibar Airport (ZNZ - Check Price).
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Additional Accommodation before and at the end of the tour can be arranged as well