Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Tanzania's biggest tourist attraction isn't Zanzibar, nor is it the sprawling plains of the Serengeti. The stunning Ngorongoro Conservation Area takes out that honour, and it's with good reason. Exploring this verdant lost world is among the most memorable experiences a traveler is every likely to have.

Key to Ngorongoro's enduring appeal is that sheer variety of experiences that can be had within the reserve. It's far more than just a simple game-viewing destination (although in this area it excels), with a variety of day trips and excursions such as guided hikes, cultural visits, and archaeological sites available to offer a more intimate experience.

As a conservation area rather than a national park, Ngorongoro is unique in that it is a park in which people and Africa's animals live side by side. The local Masai tribes live in harmony with the animals that call the park home, and opportunities to interact with Africa's most famous tribe abound as a result.


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